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Client: Bodyfriend

Project: Bodyfriend Massage Chair European Launch
Location: Milan
The Story: We devised a strategy to introduce a new partnership and a unique new product. We established a communication language based on the shared values of both partners and created a link to Leonardo da Vinci through the use of intelligent storytelling.
Once the link to da Vinci was established the perfect location with a connection to technology and history was secured. We designed a media and VIP experience, all of the installation elements, including a projection cube and 3D mapping experience.


The Story on Yahoo News
The massage chair, on sale at a price for many unattainable - between 15 and 25 thousand euros - is a concentrate of design and technology. In addition to a wide range of customizable massages, it is able to scan vital parameters, such as blood pressure and heartbeat, and to report postural and vascular abnormalities. "We are proud to launch this extraordinary model for the first time in Milan; it is no coicidence a place of great charm and prestige which is the perfect setting for our debut on the global market. A choice that emphasizes the deep inspiration that Bodyfriend obtains from Leonardo da Vinci, his studies on the human body, his futuristic design, and his genius which has had a huge impact on science and art's history”.




Once we’d established a link with Leonardo da Vinci through his advanced technology with humans at the centre, we designed an exceptional experience for media and VIP customers attending the launch of the BodyFriend massage chair in collaboration with Lamborghini. We used Casa Atellani; an elegant house Leonardo da Vinci stayed in while he painted the Last Supper for the main evening event. The media and selected VIPs enjoyed a full day experience which included a private viewing of The Last Supper and a visit to the most extensive collection of da Vinci technical drawings which helped reinforce the key messages.




The garden of Casa Atellani was illuminated to create a magical atmosphere at night.




3D projection mapping on the house celebrating man and machine delighted guests while a stunning cube projection created the perfect place to experience the massage chair first hand.