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Client: Lamborghini

Project: Huracán Evo Coupé Dynamic Media Launch
Location: Bahrain
The Story: At the start of this project we evaluated the attributes of this new car, which included some extraordinary AI technology. The challenge was to understand the complexity of the car and to communicate this to media attending the launch event.
We developed different ways to bring the values to life practically and emotionally. We created the three-day media experience, the storytelling and positioning. We designed the visuals, graphics, the overall floor plan, all the installations, and the concept for the presentation of the car with an informal talk show layout to create a more intimate environment for the guests.


The Story on Maxim
Someone at Lamborghini is a genius. OK, lots of people at Lamborghini are geniuses, obviously, but whoever thought to augment our afternoon sprints around the Bahrain International Circuit with a sunset run deserves a prized single malt.






The product Launch in Bahrain for media and dealers took part in the F1 circuit pit boxes and consisted of a presentation of the new car, a test drive on track and various installations and experiences to deepen the understanding of the car and its attributes.




Instead of a traditional LED wall, the car was hidden behind opaque OLED screens which revealed the car when illuminated surprising and delighting guests and creating a wow moment.